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المنبه بديل الجرس

For restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, hospitals, doctor and dentist consultations, retail, logistic centers and production places.

Button Call

  • The guest or customer can quickly and discreetly ask for the staff’s attention
  • No stress for guests or service staff
  • Increase additional sales and higher average checks
  • Reduce personnel costs
  • Rational workflow
  • Emergency calls from e.g. a machine, forklift, crane, or warehouse.

Contact staff or colleagues with an efficient button call

Discover Systems button is a system consisting of a discreet and elegant call button “TABLE CALL”, which can be placed simply and easily anywhere.

With a single touch, a wireless message is sent to a pager watch,  a staff pager or to a digital display, which informs who wants service or attention!

Our button call systems are designed for harsh environments both indoors and outdoors, and call buttons are also available waterproof.

The button call system saves staff time and resources and creates a better and instant service experience for your guest or customer.

The system is virtually applicable in all industries and environments, such as restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, hospitals, medical and dental consultations, retail, logistics centres and production sites.

Examples can be calls from a machine in production if e.g. is machine stop and help must be called. Or if the machine operator or the workshop need to call a manager or other colleague without having to leave the machine. It is used in workshops as mechanic personnel do not have time to run for spare parts but can get spare part staff to come to them.

It can also be at the dentist or the doctor’s clinic where the doctor cannot run out to get assistance and can simply call assistance at the touch of a button.

It can be at the hotel where the reception or bar does not need to be staffed all the time and guests can call for service or waiters. In the same place, the call buttons can be used in meeting rooms so that guests can simply call for a waiter or other type of service (e.g. if a technician is needed for the AV equipment).

In hotels and resorts that will also provide a service by the pool, or if you have cabanas, guests can call for service directly from sun lounges or cabanas.

Many shisha lounges or discos with private rooms use this too, so service people do not have to be right outside the door all the time. Just as private villas can also use it in the various rooms to call on their servants. On yachts or in bowling alleys, it is also a favourite service call, as the staff there have many other tasks.

It can be in the gym, where the staff has other tasks than just sitting stationary in a reception, the call button is only used in the reception if there are members who need help.

Wherever the staff cannot be present or must move around more flexible, are places where a call button and a staff pager makes really good sense.

Great Northern

See one of our customers:

Spa and Wellness places are also popular places for a call button. Be it both spa guests or therapists who instead of running around to find the right person, can just call the staff or assistance at the touch of a button

In stores, they can be used in the various departments where the customer can then call in staff. It may also be that the employee at the checkout will call a colleague or manager. This is done so discreetly by pressing the call button and the colleague then receives the message on the pager watch or staff pager.

It can be in the changing room of the clothing store. The customer can call for assistance if you need a different size, and thus do not have to leave the changing room.

Discover Systems button call is also available as a simple and small waiter call or staff- call with 2-6 buttons for restaurants and cafes and bars that have only a few people or waiters to call. Just as it can be used as a call from the tables where the guest can call the waiter and either order more drinks or ask for the bill.

In short, a call button system / person or staff call using a button and a staff pager can be used virtually anywhere.



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Quite simple
A few clicks is all it takes. Then the rest will run automatic

We work in our clinic with the modern paging system from Discover Systems, to make the possible waiting times for our customers more pleasant. With these pagers our patients can move freely and visit our “patient boulevard” on the second floor.

We are very satisfied with the system.

L. Plümer - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

We are very pleased with Discover Systems. They provide discreet communication between the kitchen and the waiter, thus ending giving the guest a better experience. On top of that they provide a great customer service.

Patricia Gomes, restaurantmanager Trattoria FIAT

We use Discover Systems waiter call for better communication between the kitchen and floor general.We wanted to get rid of the classical noise from the kitchen clock and avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen, so waiters could spend more time with guests. We are very satisfied with the system.

Maria Mulbjerg Thimsen, Executive Restaurant Manager, Cock's n Cows

With Discover Systems Silent Ordering System, we are able to simplify the processes in our restaurants and increase customer satisfaction.

Theresa Weissenböck, XXXL Gastronomie

We can never avoid waiting in the hospital. For some emergency situations it can easily occur, and there will unfortunately be waiting times for our patients. Therefore, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to introduce what we call »easy waiting«, so our patients in the waiting areas can get a greater freedom and hopefully a more pleasant stay.

deputy director Susanne Poulsen
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