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Waiting with your pet at the veterinary clinic can be associated with problems, as animals, like people, do not always get along with each other.

Animals, like people, have different temperaments, and when they are at the vet, conflicts can arise between them. Be it dogs of different breeds or e.g. dog and cat together.

At Odder Dyreklinik, you can make an appointment, but they also have emergency patients who have not made an appointment. They try to avoid too many animals being together at the same time in their reception and waiting room. This also reduces the risk of, among other things, infectious diseases.

Dyrlæge pager    Odder Dyreklinik

Stressed animals can stay in the car, so that you stress them as little as possible, and let them go directly into the consultation room.

A solution to these problems is called a pager system, where the animal’s owner receives a pager upon check-in, and who then has the option of going outside for a shorter or longer time. When it is the patient’s turn, the vet can simply press a button to call the patient’s owner, who will receive a flash or vibration in the pager, telling them to go to reception or directly to the treatment room.

Jan Birch from Odder Dyreklinik states;

Many animals are stressed when they come to a clinic. Not only because they have an illness or have been injured, but the animals can also become stressed just by having to be with other animals.

With a pager system from Discover Systems, we can avoid this by allowing patients to wait outside. It is very easy and comfortable for everyone”

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