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The key to successful meetings

The key to successful meetings

Call buttons for meeting rooms: Effective communication and time savings

Nobody wants to waste time in ineffective meetings, but at the same time, you don’t want to waste each other’s time during a meeting either. Therefore, call buttons in meeting rooms can be a fantastic idea. A call button can be the effective tool that makes it possible to request service or help without having to leave the meeting room. This concept can be particularly useful in both private businesses and hotel meeting or conference rooms.

Imagine the following scenario: You are sitting in a meeting and suddenly you need help from someone who is an expert in AV equipment, which suddenly does not work. You may also need more water or coffee during the meeting and can quickly call for service by simply pressing a button. The possibilities are many, and the aim is to achieve the most effective and fast communication in order to avoid wasting meeting time.

Time is money!

As you know, time is money! A call button system makes economic sense and can quickly pay for itself by minimizing wasted time. Imagine a meeting with 5-20 participants who have to wait for just 10-15 minutes while you find the responsible person in the AV area. Just imagine the labor costs for all the participants in the meeting room for these 10-15 minutes. It can quickly add up to a significant sum!

Meeting rooms are found in many different kinds of offices, including law firms, accounting firms, insurance companies, energy supply companies, export companies and many more. The list is almost endless. In addition, many hotels also have meeting rooms or conference facilities where call buttons can be a huge advantage.

Many offices already use call buttons for shared coffee machines. If you have run out of coffee or if the machine is not working, you can simply press a button and call the person responsible for the coffee machine. It is an easy and convenient solution that ensures that coffee problems are solved quickly and efficiently.


Call Buttons

Call buttons are available in many different shapes and with many different options. When you activate the button, the call can either go to a smart wristwatch that the people to be called wear on their arm or in their pocket. When the watch receives a call, it will vibrate, beep or flash according to preferences. Alternatively, the call can also go to a screen in a specific location, if that is what you want.

A staff call to meeting rooms saves time and money and creates optimal working conditions for both meeting participants and service employees. Call buttons make it possible to request help or service quickly and efficiently, minimizing wasted time and increasing productivity during meetings. Investing in a call button system is a smart decision that can have significant benefits for businesses in any industry.

In addition to this, Discover Systems A/S can also offer another tool that is ideal for meeting rooms; Meeting room power bank, also called Free of Charge
This power bank is special in that it can only charge in the included charger. This makes it perfect for meeting rooms, as it can only be used and charged there.

In many meetings, there is almost a fight over the sockets, and people are inattentive if they have their phone nearby or if they lack power for e.g. their tablet.

Free of Charge gives everyone peace of mind, and they can comfortably charge their devices while there is a meeting, and after the meeting simply put the power bank back into the stationary charger that is fixed in the meeting room.


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