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Who hasn’t tried to sit in a restaurant and tried and tried to get the waiter’s attention when you want to order more or ask for the bill.

This is often where restaurants unfortunately leave their guests with a negative last impression – even if the evening has gone well and the service has been really good.

It is a well-known concept in the restaurant industry that from the moment the guest enters and sits at the table, attention is at its peak. You get your menu, you order, the food arrives and everyone is happy. After this, the waiter’s interest is not quite as high, since the guest has had his food after all.

However, it is during this period, after the food has been served, that there is the optimal opportunity for additional sales, as well as providing the guests with the perfect service and restaurant experience.

Ordercube is a product created specifically to give the restaurant additional sales, save time for waiters and increase service to guests.

The product works in all its simplicity on a luminous square. The waiter can see from a distance that there is someone who wants service or, for example, wants to pay. When the guest presses the service or payment button, the square lamp changes color and the waiter is summoned in this way. “The call” can also be seen on the associated tablet, smartphone or waiters’ smartwatch, if they have one associated with it.

Ordercube is also so much more than that. It’s also a tabletop tool, not to mention it’s an electric candle that brings cosiness to guests.

Ordercube is equipped with a reservation function, just as it has a built-in function that prevents theft.

It is also a statistical and management tool, as it can provide average waiting time and other data that is relevant to management.

External apps such as digital menus, online orders or hands-free payment can be integrated into Ordercube. The possibilities are numerous.

What do guests and staff get by implementing Ordercube? Studies show that:

• 80% less waiting time for guests

• 40% more in tips for waiters due to happy guests

• 19% more profit for the restaurant

• 15% less personnel costs

  Save candle cost.

• Increased employee satisfaction

• Increased table turnover – more guests per table

Ordercube on tables

So there’s not much to wait for, is there?

Contact us for a demonstration and talk about your particular restaurant’s needs.

We have more than 20 years of experience in helping restaurants to streamline their workflows and service. We also have the solution for you.[email protected] – Ph: +45 7022 0056

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