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Is a pager called pager, buzzer, beeper or bleeper?

Is a pager called pager, buzzer, beeper or bleeper?

Even after more than 24 years of experience in the paging industry,
we must honestly admit that we do not possess the definitive answer.

Pagers have been around for a long time, and over the years they have been
called different names such as buzzers, beepers, or pagers, and in certain areas they are simply called pagers.

Regardless of the name, the product is the same: pagers. Most pagers are wireless, but the method of paging varies,
as paging can be done both wirelessly and through an intercom system.


Simple device

Pagers started as a simple device to receive messages and have evolved to be indispensable in many industries today.
Whether it’s in restaurants, logistics companies, hospitals, or dental clinics, pagers,
buzzers, or beepers can help improve service levels, no matter whe
re people are waiting. 

Whatever they are called, the look is pretty much the same whether you call them pagers, buzzer, beepers or bleepers.
Some just beep, flash and vibrate to inform the person to go to a certain place or area.
As example in a restaurant where people either wait for their self-service food, or they are waiting for a table to be free.

Some have display where they can receive a text message. This can as example be in a logistic place or warehouse,
where trucks are waiting for a ramp to be free, so they can load or unload.
It can also be at a dental clinic in which the dentist needs to call an assistant to
a certain treatment room without leaving the patient.
The assistant can then see on the pager which treatment room they should go to. 

It can be in production factories where a pager, buzzer, beeper or bleeper can help make
production more efficient by workers being able to call for assistance without having to leave
the production machines or can call a forklift if a pallet needs to be moved.

Many industries and service companies can significantly optimize their workflow
and reap great benefits and time and cost savings by using pagers,
buzzers, beepers, or pagers, or whatever we choose to call them.

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