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How much is your

restaurant or café worth?

How much is your restaurant or café worth?

There are many ways to increase the value and earnings of your restaurant or cafe. Just try to think about these questions:

  • How much are your employees / staff worth?
  • How much are your guests worth?
  • How much wasted time do you think there is in your restaurant / café?
  • Do you think that your serving staff can sell just a cup of coffee, a soft drink or a beer / glass of wine more a day by e.g. to have just 10-20% more time for additional sales?

Questions that we hold against each other when we recommend a waiter call or guest call to our customers.

Precisely the value and earnings is where paging systems do good in your business. It just needs to be tried and we are happy to help with a free test.

Look more at;  and contact us for free advice.

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