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Gyros Heroes

Gyros Heroes

At Storms Pakhus in Odense you will find the greatest enthusiasts who are passionate about gastronomy and creativity, and Holy Fish and the new Gyros Heroes are no exception when it comes to street food and take-away.

Nikki Molnar, owner of Holy Fish and Gyros Heroes comments;

“We are very pleased with Discover Systems and their coaster pagers. We have had them at Holy Fish for 2 years and there was no discussion that we should have them in our new store Gyros Heroes. It is definitely less stressful for us and for our guests – everyone gets exactly what they have ordered, without any confusion.

They are also helpful with different suggestions regarding the look, so that our pagers match our brands.

On top of that, it is fast and fantastic customer service. ”

Nikki Molnar, Owner  

Holy Fish                       @holyfish.odense

Gyros Heroes               @gyrosheroes

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