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When talking about andon systems in production, the systems are often referred to as andon lights. This is, a lamp that lights up when someone presses a button or display.

The Andon system can also be a digital message, which can tell a text, a number or a colour . Mostly on a digital display board or screen.

The biggest possibilities for sending a direct message to the recipient are with an andon system based on a pager. A pager (also called staff call) can give an alarm either with a sound, flash or beep, as well as send text messages.

The Andon system arose out of quality control methods in production systems at Toyota. Here it had to sound an alarm if there was a problem in the production line. Whoever discovered the problem had to pull a string and thereby send a signal to an andon alarm. Often it was an alarm based on the fact that cables and wires had to be installed for e.g. a doorbell.

Today, the systems are mainly just a button, or are built into IT systems that production already uses. This means that andon alarms can be sent wirelessly and are therefore much more flexible. The recipient can wear a pager either on the belt or as a watch on the arm, and is not bound by having to be in the same place (e.g. sitting in front of a screen all the time) but can move around freely and receive the alarm.

There may be reasons why you want to send an andon alert;

• Goods are missing in the packaging area (see our case at COOP )

• Production stops somewhere in production

• Functional errors in machines. (see )

• If there is a security issue

• If you want to call for help (see our case with dentists ( )

You can also use an andon system in retail stores. In clothing stores where, for example, installed as call buttons in changing rooms so that the customer can call the staff without leaving the changing room. Or when the mechanic in the workshop has a problem and needs to call in a foreman or spare parts.

Andon calls are needed everywhere! At Discover Systems, we have the individual solutions, regardless of whether it is for production, warehouse, workshop etc. If your company uses LEAN or Six Sigma systems, you can probably also use a good andon system. Give us a call so we can show you how to achieve greater safety as well as time savings and efficient production.



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