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Andon call doesn’t always mean trouble

Andon call doesn’t always mean trouble

Andon systems in the manufacturing industry

Andon systems are primarily used in the manufacturing industry. Originally, they were designed for production personnel, machine operators, or maintenance and repair personnel to quickly report problems. Usually the systems are activated by pressing a button or pulling a cord, but there are also monitoring systems that can automatically notify, e.g. in case of machine stoppage. 


One of the most common visual alarms is light, often in red, yellow and green (called a bar light or signal bar), to indicate the severity of the problem and its location. 


Today, in addition to light, there are also many other options, such as sound alarms or text messages on a screen or the like. This is where pager systems are particularly interesting, as certain types can receive texts or an alarm in the form of lights or vibrations. 


Many may say you can use a smartphone for this purpose, but pagers are significantly more robust than phones, which is crucial in manufacturing environments that can be harsh on electronics. In addition, pager systems are not dependent on networks as they have their own wireless signal transmission. 



Efficient communication with pager systems

As mentioned, Andon pager systems are not just for critical alarms. They can also improve production and logistics processes. For example, call buttons can be installed at production machines and the signal can be sent to a foreman or a person who has to deliver parts to production. The machine operator only needs to press a button to communicate what kind of service or help he needs without leaving the machine. 


Equipping a forklift with an Andon pager system can also improve efficiency. The various production units or machines can call the forklift if, for example, need to move a pallet or have new items delivered. The driver of the forklift can see which machines are calling on a small display in the truck, which makes communication easy and efficient. 


There are many places in a production hall or office where fast and efficient communication is needed, and a pager system is often the ideal tool for this purpose. 



Efficient management of trucks with pager systems at the loading docks

Another area where pager systems are used in manufacturing companies is in the warehouse or at the ramps. In places where goods have to be transported to and from the warehouse, it is common to see trucks waiting in line to gain access to an available ramp. With a pager system, you can effectively manage this. When a truck arrives, the driver is given a pager and sent to an assigned parking spot. When the ramp is ready for loading or unloading, the driver can be called with a single signal. Either he is told which ramp he must drive to when he is called, or the pager can have a display that shows the ramp information. The system also works well when there are many foreign drivers, as everyone understands signals such as vibrations and turn signals. 


So whether you call it an Andon system or a pager system for manufacturing companies, it doesn’t matter in principle. The important thing is that it increases efficiency, saves time and money for the company and is easy and inexpensive to install. 


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